Sell Your House to an Experienced Pittsburgh Home Buyer

Sell your house or rental property to an experienced Pittsburgh home buyer: McIntosh Management, LP

If you’re a Pittsburgh homeowner and you’re considering selling your multifamily property, it’s important to know how to do things the right way. Done right, selling your house to a professional like McIntosh Management, LP can provide a range of benefits, including selling quickly, saving money, and reducing the stress involved in selling a Pittsburgh multifamily property.

But seller beware: there are many Pittsburgh home buyers and not all of them are created equally. Some companies can help you sell your house in a week, but they aren’t actually the end buyer. They have a network of investors who they sell your house to, and they profit from your house without ever owning it. For some, this is okay. But it often means that you aren’t getting the most value out of your house. Therefore, it’s up to you to choose the right company that meets your needs.

Why Choose McIntosh Management, LP?

McIntosh Management, LP is transparent about our offer prices

Here at McIntosh Management, we take pride in being one of the best home buying companies in Pittsburgh. We are very thoughtful and 100% transparent about the price we offer when buying your home or multifamily property. In fact, we’re always happy to share our estimates for rehab costs and tell you exactly how we are arriving at our offer price. Additionally, if we sign a contract to purchase your house, we don’t just stop there. We do all the work necessary to work with the city or borough to obtain occupancy permits and complete inspections so that it can be sold. This work is often done by a real estate agent, who charges a commission. When you work with us, we provide all of these services free of charge.

McIntosh Management, LP is an experienced, local Pittsburgh company

Another reason to work with us is that we are based locally on Pittsburgh’s North Shore, which means we are very familiar with the real estate market in Pittsburgh. And unlike many people or companies who pretend to be experienced “cash buyers”, we actually own multifamily properties in Pittsburgh and have for the past 8 years. That means we have a pretty good idea of how to value properties and offer you a fair price for your house or rental property.

Sell Your Home As-Is to McIntosh Management, LP

While repairing and adding upgrades can help you sell your home at a higher price, it’s very rare that the upgrades will allow you to sell your house for more than the upgrades cost. Therefore, put down the hammer and pick up the phone! The time and money you will save by selling your house in “as-is” condition to us is worth more than making a few repairs on your own. Whether the house has personal items, junk or even disruptive tenants, you can still sell to us, and our team will handle the rest.

Sell For Any Reason to McIntosh Management, LP

Do you plan to sell your house in Pittsburgh due to divorce or to avoid foreclosure? Or perhaps you want to sell an inherited or unwanted property?

Regardless of the reason, you can always count on McIntosh Management, LP to remain discrete. We protect the information of the clients we work with and don’t share it with anyone else besides our trusted closing company.

How To Sell Your House to McIntosh Management, LP

Selling your home to McIntosh Management, LP is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is take the first step and call us to get an offer on your property. If our verbal estimate is within the range that you’d consider, we will come out to look at the property in person. After that, we provide a formal written offer within 24 hours. If you agree – that’s it! We take care of everything else up to the day of closing (including all the closing costs).

So make it a point to call us today or fill out our form below. In doing so, you’ll be taking the first step toward selling your Pittsburgh property to an experienced, well-respected Pittsburgh home buying company.


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