Top 5 Reasons Your Home isn’t Selling

Does selling your Pittsburgh home seem like an uphill battle? If you own a house in Pittsburgh that isn’t selling, call McIntosh Management, LP to find out how we can help!

Let’s face it, some homes take longer to sell than others. For many people trying to sell a home, they just can’t wait 3 months. Whether you’re in foreclosure, you’ve inherited a property you don’t want to keep, are facing a divorce, retiring, or relocating, if you need to sell your property quickly, working with a traditional real estate agent, may not be the right choice for you.

Today’s article focuses on the most common reasons why your Pittsburgh home isn’t selling. If you see homes listed on the market for more than a couple of weeks, it’s likely due to one of the 5 reasons below. If you’re concerned that you may have trouble selling your home for any of these reasons, consider giving us a call so that we can make a cash offer to buy your house quickly.

5 Reasons Your Pittsburgh Home isn’t Selling

1. The house is in poor condition. 

One of the main reasons a home may not sell is that it’s not in good condition. Most real estate agents will want you to make repairs and clean your home before it’s listed. Homes with damaged exteriors, broken windows, unmanageable landscaping, etc. don’t attract the attention of buyers. Even if a buyer is interested in a property that’s in poor condition, a bank may not be willing to provide financing unless repairs are made. This means your house will sit on the market longer and look even less appealing to potential buyers.

2. The house is in a bad location. 

Everyone knows that the location of a home greatly impacts its value. In the Pittsburgh area, a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Shadyside will always be worth more than a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in Hazelwood. In some parts of Pittsburgh, properties may have been in a good location when they were first purchased, but over the years the state of the community has shifted and the neighborhood is no longer appealing to buyers. This change can make selling a property difficult.

3. The market in your neighborhood is soft. 

Another factor outside of the owner’s control is the current state of the real estate market in Pittsburgh. An increase in interest rates or an oversupply of houses can mean the different between selling your house quickly and watching it sit on the market for several months. Most real estate professionals in Pittsburgh we work with consider now to be a good time to sell your house in Pittsburgh, however that can vary depending on the neighborhood. If houses in your neighborhood are taking longer to sell, you will face higher competition and likely have a difficult time selling your home.

4. Your house is listed for the wrong price.

This is the reason most people think about when they talk about why a home isn’t selling. Put simply, your home needs to be priced correctly in order to sell. Oftentimes homeowners have an emotional connection to a house, and they think it’s worth more than it actually is. Unfortunately, if buyers don’t feel the same way it will sit on the market for months. One way to avoid this is to sell the property directly to an investor like us. We will tell you exactly how much we can pay for your house, and if it meets your needs we will buy it so you don’t have to list it on the market.

5. Buyers can’t get financing.

Most homebuyers rely on banks to give them a mortgage in order to purchase a home. If a homebuyer is looking at your home with a real estate agent, it probably means they have at least been “pre-approved” by a bank. However a pre-approval does not guarantee they will qualify for financing. In fact, it’s very common for a deal to fall through after an offer is made and accepted due to a buyer being denied a mortgage by a bank. If this happens, it means your house gets put back on the market and you have to start over finding a new buyer.

Sell Your Pittsburgh House Without any Hassles

If you need to sell your home quickly, contact McIntosh Management, LP. We take pride in helping homeowners who want to sell their houses quickly and without any hassle. We do all the work that a real estate agent does, except we don’t ask you to make any home repairs and we don’t charge you a commission. We simply offer you cash for your house – no fees, commissions, or hidden costs.

If you have a property in Pittsburgh you’d like to sell fast, fill out our form below or call us at 412-785-7928. We will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your situation and learn more about how we can help!

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